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Vinny’s Pet Shop has been family-run since 1978, when Vinny Santomarco founded a small pet store Bay Ridge with his brother Harry so that they could support their pigeon-racing hobby. It quickly became a local hangout where pigeon fanciers could purchase feed and chat over a cup of coffee, and remained so until Vinny passed away in 1990. Harry and his wife Carmela took over the operations and began expanding beyond pigeon feed and supplies, including a flourishing dog and cat supply business.

Current VP, Mike Santomarco started working with his grandfather and grandmother when he was 10 years old. As the business continued to grow, Mike increased his responsibility for the store operations. While in college, Mike realized he had a passion for growing the business his family had founded and started working full time while completing his degree.

Business increased as Vinny’s Pet Shop’s great reputation continued to spread, and soon it outgrew the storefront it had occupied for over 25. In 2005, the store relocated to its current location, just a few blocks away. The move offered an opportunity to offer a wider selection of products, including a focus on natural and healthier foods to match the changing needs of its neighborhood clients. In order to continue to deliver great individualized service to its increasing customer base, Mike’s recently retired father, Frank, joined his son in the family business in 2006.

Today, Vinny’s Pet Shop is widely recognized as one of Brooklyn’s leading pet stores, not only for its wide variety of holistic and all natural pet foods, but also for the level of expertise and personalized attention each customer receives with every call or visit. 

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